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Jerky is a Healthy Snack
Gourmet Beef Jerky

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Beef Jerky made in the USA

Our Story

We've been doing this for a while

BeefJerky.Rocks was initially started in the year 1999 after being completely fed up with the limited flavors of overpriced jerky in just about every store that I walked into. Seriously.
It didn't stop me from buying it though, it inspired me to create my own. I'd had enough of the plain and expensive beef jerky. Over the years of carefully crafting different varieties of the snack, my friends and family began asking me to make more of it and some even suggested that I start a business. It didn't take long for me to take them up on the idea and the rest is history. Viola' introducing Saginaw Snacks, LLC. The parent company of BeefJerky.Rocks!


Beef Jerky is our Passion

There's just something about that delicious taste and the tender chew of high quality Gourmet Beef Jerky. We just absolutely love it. We love the process of developing the new flavors. We love enjoying the anticipation when marinating the meat. We love the incredible aroma when the beef slowly dries to perfection. Lastly, We LOVE eating BeefJerky.Rocks delicous beef jerky. And we know that you will love it too!


Quality is the name of the game

You bet it is. Quality ingredients make all the difference in the world. That's why we only use quality ingredients in each and every bite our gourmet beef jerky. We don't skimp on quality; Ever.


Gourmet makes a difference

All of the products that we sell are gourmet. What does this mean for you? It means that we don't mass produce tens of thousands of bags of jerky to be distributed all over the country in every single store. We prefer it this way. We take the time to make every bag from small gourmet batches. Once you taste the the difference we think you'll agree. Gourmet Beef Jerky is better.


We're here to stay

Thanks to our loyal customers, our business is growing and we plan on supplying Gourmet Beef Jerky for a long time to come. Join us. Join the beef jerky revolution and discover why same ol' store jerky just can't compete with delicious and tender Gourmet Beef Jerky.


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