September 24, 2018

Quack Attack Beef Jerky

Quack Attack Beef Jerky – Go Ducks!

Quack Attack Beef JerkyI found this jerky gem, as the names suggests, in Oregon. Portland to be exact. I was at the check out counter of a convenience store, and this bag of Quack Attack Beef Jerky was tucked away behind the counter. It wasn’t hanging on a rack or even in the beef jerky section. It was just sitting there, somewhat hidden behind the counter. I had to ask, “excuse me my good sir, but what is the deal was with this hidden bag of beef jerky”? I didn’t say it that way though. To make a long story short, the clerk said that a distributor just gave him this bag as a sample; However, he didn’t eat beef jerky so he sold it to me.

It’s Thick Cut Jerky

I was shocked, stoked and now hungry all at that same time because I had never seen a licensed beef jerky brand before such as this. My interest was really peaked. The Jerky has a thick cut and a decent size too. There was about 4 big pieces of jerky and not a bunch of the little tiny ones that the manufacturer puts in the bag just to bring it up to weight. Quack Attack Beef Jerky is not your thinly sliced or small piece jerky.

It isn’t what I would call a tender beef jerky, but it wasn’t super tough either. It had some “pull”. In other words your teeth are put the challenge on this one in order to get a bite, but one you start chewing it breaks up right away.

Original Flavor

Quack Attack Beef JerkyThe flavor is Original, so the expectation was a worcester sauce type of profile. Ordinarily, original flavored beef jerky is this way, but the Quack Attack Beef Jerky had a real BBQ flavor to it. It was sweet, and I mean really sweet, but it also had a layer of salt that gave it depth. Lastly, it had a very subtle heat to it. Not enough to call it hot or even spicy, but just enough so that you taste buds are happy. You can almost visualize all the layers on seasonings while chewing. The jerky was a real treat.

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Sugar, Water, Less than 2% of (Apple Juice, Salt, Natural Flavor, Honey, Lemon Juice, Spice. Nutrition: Serving Size 1oz(28g) Serving per bag: 3| Calories 80 | Calories from Fat 10 | Protein 10g | Total Fat 1g | Sat fat 0g | Cholesterol 25mg | Sodium 360mg | Total Carb 9g | Sugar 8g | Fiber 0g | Iron 4% | Calcium 2%

Oregon Duck QR Code - Go Ducks!Interestingly, I was not able to find a website for this beef jerky brand, but there is a QR code on the bag. If you would like to learn more about this the Oregon Ducks you can scan this QR code. Or just click it which would be much easier.

And The Results Are In

In summary, Quack Attack Beef Jerky is a sweet BBQ flavored beef jerky that has depth. It has sugar, salt, spice in such a way that it makes for a really delicious beef jerky.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I believe I would buy it again.

Quack Attack Beef Jerky

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