September 3, 2018

I got Lucky in Manhhattan KS

Lucky Beef Jerky
I found Lucky brand beef jerky at HyVee in Manhattan, KS

So I spent the weekend Manhattan, at K-State for the season college football opener. It was the K-State Wildcats vs. the South Dakota Coyotes. After all, I did say not too long ago, that I was in search of the ultimate beef jerky. But this is not what I want to talk about, today I want to tell you about the beef jerky that I found on my way back home and boy did I get lucky.

Before I set out on the road back to Kansas City I ran into the local HyVee for some road food. Basically; beef jerky. Low and behold I finally found the Lucky brand of beef jerky. I’ve seen this brand on the web before, but never actually saw it in a store so I was pretty happy to find it. Anyway, I bought a bag of Teriyaki and one of Peppered flavor and hit the road.

I was about half way to the airport when I decided to pull the car over and try my favorite snack and it just so happened to be Topeka, KS. The first bag that I opened was the Teriyaki, along with a diet coke that I purchased from a local truck stop.

As I expected, the teriyaki was delicious. Not too sweet, no heat at all and nice and salty. A great combo for any carnivorous creature such as myself. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I ripped into the other bag that I bought. One more hour on I-70 west to go.

I waited a few hours before I dove into the other bag of the peppered variety. By this time I had already made my way back to DTW.(Detroit Metro Wayne Airport) for a layover flight. I always consider this the perfect time to sit down, enjoy some jerky and write a blog.

Once again the Lucky Beef Jerky totally hit the spot and finished the whole bag. I’d call that a pretty successful find.

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