February 19, 2017

Top 5 Myths About Beef Jerky

There has been a lot of talk lately about beef jerky as the dried meat stack has becomes more and more popular. And like everything else, when people start talking, rumors are started and falsehoods start to fly. Let’s see if we can clear up some of the facts about beef jerky.
Myth #1 – Beef Jerky is loaded with sugar
I could see how this one started because quite of bit of beef jerky on the market is loaded with sugar. In fact it’s over loaded, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little bit of research on the web you can find jerky of all types. There are different brands with different types of meat and an assortment of all types of flavors and different levels of sugar. Some brands have way too much sugar and some don’t have any sugar at all. Some brands are grass fed and some aren’t. The point is this, if you prefer beef jerky that doesn’t contain a ton of sugar then I’m sure you can find it. Just check the nutrition facts on the jerky label. If the label doesn’t have these nutrition facts I would stay away.
Myth #2 – Beef Jerky is too expensive
Well yes and no. Compared to other snacks jerky can be rather expensive, but that’s only because the main ingredient is beef. Beef is a pricy snack when you compare it to corn or potato chips because beef is high in protein and the chips aren’t. Another reason that beef jerky is typically expensive is because the people selling it tend to be greedy. There I said it. The profit margins aren’t great when you are in the jerky business. It’s for this reason that companies who sell beef jerky try to squeeze every penny that they can out of the consumer. However; this is not the case with BeefJerky.Rocks! Why? If you compare our prices with other websites selling jerky you will find that our prices are much lower. This is a passion to us. We just love making beef jerky and making our customers happy. We are not in it for the money. Don’t believe us? View our products page and you will see that we that offer high quality inexpensive beef jerky.
Myth #3 – Beef Jerky is too hard to make at home
Absolutely not. Nope, notta, no way. Do you get my point yet? This is how every beef jerky company started, and every enthusiast for that matter as well. I won’t get into all of the intricacies of making jerky at home in this article. I already describe it briefly on our BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe page if you’re interested. There are also plenty of resources online that will show you how to do this or maybe I will write about this one day. Take my word for it when I say that it’s not hard at all. It’s easy and you can save a lot of money making jerky at home. Lastly, you will have fun doing it.
Myth #4 – Beef Jerky is not a kids snack
I know the dried meat snack bills itself as a “Man Snack” and rightfully so, but it also a great snack for active kids as well. The high protein low carb combo makes for a healthy snack and kids love it. As long the jerky isn’t loaded with sugar(see above) then its’ a perfectly acceptable snack and these days there are plenty of flavors that are mild enough for kids. We offer a Rockin’ Honey Apple jerky that kids go crazy over it. They love it. It doesn’t last long at family functions.
Myth #5 – You have to use a lean cut of meat
Sure if you’re planning on starting a business and producing beef jerky for the masses you may want to avoid overly fatty cuts of meat. Actually overly fatty is not ideal either, but you don’t have to use the driest cut that there is either. When you use a cut of meat with a high fat content the problem is that the fat doesn’t really render out when drying. While the protein section of the meat will become dehydrated the fatty parts won’t. This is ok for homemade jerky because when you are making it at home it most likely won’t last very long. However; storing it for long periods of time you run the risk of the fat content going rancid which will give the jerky a “funny” taste. Just make sure that you eat it right away. So go ahead and experiment. Use whatever cut of meat that you’d you like. They are all good.

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